Our Story

"Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal." This quote totally represents the
image we wanted to give to " Tony Roma "  brand.
After traveling all over Europe and America, we were inspired by their fashion culture where every little detail of style is important.

So we worked in our offices Rome (Italy) and Toronto (Canada)  to create a range of jewellery that combines the values of design and class of the Italians, with the heart of Canadians.

Why join" Tony Roma "  Family ?

In just 1 year, customers from more than 85 countries have joined our big family and it is growing everyday ! " Tony Roma "  jewellery and fashion accessories add an elegant touch to your style. It is the little asset that complements your everyday outfit.

For every occasion, we have the jewels and accessories  that will focus all eyes on you.
Whether for an adventure or for a chic event, you will find the right bracelet or fashion accessory  for the right occasion.
Choose the fashion accessories that suits your style and become a member of our community !

Welcome to the big family at " Tony Roma ".

Tony Roma
CEO Tony-Roma.com 

Marketing manager "Valeria Lopez"